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Getting your message across to the right audience, in the right format at the right time has always been challenging. Nowadays, with all the channels available or used within organizations, we understand that it sometimes feels like a lucky shot. Does someone actually read your message? At Sqoony we took this challenge seriously. We created a state of the art media toolbox to boost your mobile marketing with personalized, rich push notifications and direct interaction features. Use our robust API’s or plug and play tools to deliver your videos, documents and notifications to your target audience where and when it matters the most.

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Meet Sports marketeer Joey

Joey works for a major sports club. This Club has millions of fans and has a state-of-the-art mobile app. Video is integrated into the app but Joey doesn’t know if the videos are watched let alone if the fans like the videos. Furthermore, Joey wants more personalized interactive videos to upgrade seats, purchase tickets, and order concessions. After integrating Sqoony’s software, Joey sends out better targeted and more personalized videos, boosting the conversion.

Sqoony Platform

Increase revenue

With the Sqoony service, you can enrich and personalize your content which results in higher revenue


With our intelligent targeting module, your content is always relevant resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction

Content service

The Sqoony software will deliver your content where and when it matters most. Lucky shots are a thing of the past!

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